About Barking Spider

Barking Spider Mountain Bike was founded by two Scott’s. Scott who has been riding and racing mountain bikes for 12 years started a group ride and invited Scott to attend. Scott began riding and developed a passion for the sport as well.

Scott had a vision of a mountain bike service store that would give its customers the personal care and attention they deserve. Being in the automotive service field, Scott felt he had the background to take care of people’s needs and share his love of bicycling. He shared his idea with Scott, who was also in the automotive service field, and together they built Barking Spider Mountain Bike in 2000.

Scott and Scott believe in promoting the sport and good health. We give you the best value possible in bicycle service and accessories, and the personal service that you and your ride require. Keeping our overhead low and having a home based operation allows us to accomplish this, and we have been doing it well for 10 years.

In September, 2004, Scott McCreight moved himself and his beloved family to Yellowknife! Scott is still a friend and a consultant to Barking Spider Mountain Bike. Although he is gone from our regular rides, (for now) he will most assuredly live on, through folk-lore and his excellent legacy of compassion, sportsmanship, excellent riding abilities, not to mention his unparalleled singing abilities.

October, 2005, saw Scott McCreight moving himself and his beloved family back to Williams Lake. Although the McCreights’ enjoyed their time in Yellowknife, the charm of the “lake city” was undeniable to resist. Welcome back, friend!

April, 2007, Barking Spider Mountain Bike moved to 19 1st Avenue North, below Caribou Ski Source for Sports. From our humble beginnings to growing into a huge 2500 square foot downtown location. Scott Gordon became the sole proprietor of Barking Spider Mountain Bike. Although Scott McCreight is still a very active supporter and friend of Barking Spider Mountain Bike, he is not a partner in the venture any longer. Scott and Scott are still total buddies. Scott says “Thank You for your support!”

In 2014, we moved again to 1024 Broadway Ave S, right below the OV and where the local mountain bike enthusiasts gather on Wednesday evenings before hitting the trails.

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